Monday, 25 March 2013

Shivon Watson Ghost Bike Threatened with Removal

Shivon ghost bike
The ghost bike in Hackney, east London, England, on the roundabout of Lauriston Road and Victoria Park Road E9 is threatened to be removed by Hackney Council on 26 March 2013. The bike is a memorial to Shivon Watson - who died aged 28 on 10 March 2010 - killed by a skip lorry on her way to work.

The attempted removal according to the notice on the bike, it is due for removal tomorrow. Cyclist Hannah Caller, a concerned member of the public rang the council who stated that it is law and a statutory requirement to remove abandoned bikes or things attached to street furniture and while they recognise this is a memorial, it has to go. On further questioning of why it has been allowed there for three years, the manager responsible  said that someone or some people have recently made a complaint on aesthetic grounds and so the council can no longer turn a blind eye.

The council are it is claimed trying to be sensitive as it is the time of Shivon's birthday and the anniversary of her death, though it is hard to see how removing the bike will be sensitive.

Either way, if you are keen to see the bike stay as a reminder of Shivon and indeed as a reminder of the dangers that exist for cyclists, then please do take the time to make a call and ask for the manager of the enforcement team responsible for this decision at Hackney Council. The number is 020 8346 4839.  

After all, nothing has been done to make that particular roundabout safer since the incident that took her life and if several people call then it may make them think again.


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